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COMPANY Business Domain

Use electric power.
Deliver electric power.
ENERES is developing its business in these two areas.

ENERES’ business consists of “services for corporate power consumers,” which are centered on energy agent service, and “services for new power producers and suppliers,” which are intended for companies newly entering electric power business.
By supporting customers in “using” and “delivering” electricity, ENERES will realize the efficient use of electricity, contributing to the creation of new value.

Services for corporate power consumers
(energy agent service)

  • Energy service

    • Selling electricity to power consumers (energy agent service)
    • Selling the Falcon System and offering storage batteries and DR services
  • Other services

    • Selling MEMS

Services for new power producers and suppliers

  • Power supply-demand management services for power retailers

    • Start-up support to new power producers and suppliers, power supply-demand management on behalf of customers, and consulting services
  • Wholesale electricity trading

    • Selling electricity to new power producers and suppliers
    • Selling surplus electric power to the power market and general electricity utilities

Collaboration with KDDI

Through business and capital alliances with KDDI, ENERES and KDDI integrated their strengths to create “additional strengths.”

Collaboration with KDDI