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SERVICE Services for new power producers
and suppliers

From power retail business start-ups to day-to-day operation service on behalf of customers.
ENERES offers total support for entry from other industries.

Since the electric power industry was deregulated in Japan, a growing number of newcomers are moving into the power market. However, retail power business is always frustrated by “power supply-demand management.” ENERES, based on the know-how on power supply-demand management it has developed, supports power retail business start-ups through day-to-day operation on behalf of customers including power supply-demand management.

Operation management by ENERES power professional team

Based on its long-term power procurement and operating strategies, the ENERES operation team makes appropriately balanced power procurement plans on a daily basis in response to market trends changing day to day. Power supply-demand management will be ensured through 24-hour and 365-day operation. ENERES staff members with extensive experience in this area can make adequate judgments under any circumstances, so that they can flexibly respond to unexpected situations like electricity shortage (surplus) in the event of a sudden technical problem at a power plant or an increase (decrease) in market power demand.

  • Prediction technology

    Prediction technology

    Based on our customers’ characteristics (power users in a contract with ENERES), including the type of industry and business, as well as the weather information analyzed by our own weather forecasters, ENERES can offer high-precision power demand forecasts.

  • Operating system

    Operating system

    Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the ENERES power supply-demand management center ensures customers’ operational security by responding flexibly to unexpected situations like electricity shortages and surpluses.

  • Proven track record of power supply-demand management

    Proven track record of power supply-demand management

    New power business start-ups and power supply-demand management operation on behalf of customers have been ENERES’ core businesses since its foundation. The proven track record and extensive know-how that ENERES has accumulated in the past are supporting customers’ day-to-day business operation.

Operation consulting supports stable business operation

In its power supply-demand management service on behalf of customers, ENERES is conducting elaborate operational analysis based on information obtained from day-to-day operation on behalf of customers. It is a great challenge for power retailers to balance their revenue and expenditure, which are heavily influenced by seasonal and weather factors. For this reason, ENERES analyzes each customer’s business risks quantitatively, reflecting the results in monthly operational plans. Based on the analysis results, ENERES proposes to customers recommended operational plans and specific measures for reducing the impact of such risks (including introduction of appropriate power supply sources or intermediation between the two). ENERES then will continue to support customers to eliminate such risks.

  • シミュレーションに基づくアドバイス

    Providing simulation-based advice

    • By running cost calculations based on business simulations, ENERES proposes various electricity rate plans to customers.
    • Business risks can be quantitatively determined through business simulations that take various situations into account.
  • 電源紹介、仲介

    Mediation and Introduction of appropriate power supply source

    • Based on its business simulation results, ENERES supports customers in finding available low-risk power supply sources.
    • To raise the percentage of renewable energy, ENERES intermediates between customers and power producers, or supports customers in finding appropriate power supply sources through bidding and other methods.
  • 需給管理実績

    Another proposal

    • ENERES reports the operation performance during regular meetings.
    • To balance revenue and expenditure, ENERES proposes day-to-day operational plans.

What is power supply-demand management operation?

1 ポジション作成 2 JEPX取引業務 3 損益管理・分析 4 電力会社託送業務

  • Based on customers’ types of industry and business, operational plans, weather information, and other data, expected electricity consumption will be predicted two days prior to the date of supply. A power supply-demand plan called a “position” will be prepared to assign available electricity to the expected electricity consumption. Based on this plan, the amount of power shortage or surplus will be calculated.
  • One day before the date of supply, the amount of power shortage or surplus will be compensated by power trading on the Japan Electric Power Exchange (JEPX).
  • Based on the results of this analysis, power positions, power transmission line utilization plans, and other information will be submitted to the Organization for Cross-regional Coordination of Transmission Operators (OCCTO). On the day of supply, power supply-demand balance will be monitored for 24 hours. If necessary, emergency power interchanges and off-hours trading will be conducted.
  • Raw daily P/L data will be summarized in a monthly profit and loss performance report. This report will be submitted to the customer along with P/L analysis and improvement proposals.

Other solutions

  • Professional power consultants support business start-ups

    ENERES’ consultants with extensive know-how on electric power business will support customers in starting up retail power business in a way that matches the customers’ types of business and purpose. ENERES has experience in starting up a number of power retailers, reporting industry trends, evaluating business profitability, and supporting actual start-up operation. That is why ENERES is said to be the only company that can offer deeper one-step start-up support services.

    STEP.1 電力業界の動向報告 STEP.2 新電力スキーム検討 STEP.3 事業採算性評価 電力事業立ち上げ 電力事業開始

  • Supply-demand balancing group

    Supply-demand balancing group

    If there is a difference between the demand that a power retailer initially planned and the actual demand, the power retailer must bear the cost equivalent to the difference, called an “imbalance rate.” This obligation is said to be one of the biggest risks involved in operating electric power business. Supply-demand balancing is a mechanism to minimize the impact of this risk. To make the mechanism work, multiple power companies need to set up a group. In the event of a power shortage or surplus within the group, the group members will make a necessary adjustment to offset the shortage or surplus for minimizing imbalance risks.

  • Power wholesale business


    ENERES can procure electric power at lower rates and under favorable conditions, capitalizing on the following strengths: having a balancing group consisting of a large number of power retailers, having its own power generation facilities, having power generation know-how, and being a KDDI group company (joint procurement with KDDI). Taking advantage of its powerful procurement position, ENERES is also developing a new business designed to deliver wholesale stable, low-priced electric power to power retailers.