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Challenges facing ENERES to realize distributed energy society



ENERES, based on the know-how on energy supply-demand management it has accumulated since its foundation, is offering energy-distribution servicesfor power retailers and corporate power consumers.

  • energy agent service

    Services for corporate power consumers

    energy agent service

    ENERES finds solutions to various issues related to electric power on behalf of customers, including reducing electricity bills and dealing with paperwork for cumbersome procedures.


  • 新電力事業者向けサービス

    Services for power producers and suppliers

    Services for new power producers and suppliers

    ENERES offers total support for electric power business that requires a high degree of expertise, ranging from starting up new power retail businesses to day-to-day energy supply-demand management services.



Challenges facing ENERES for realizing a future energy society

ENERES, keeping in mind the major turning point of transforming the traditional electric power system, has been taking on the many hurdles needed to overcome. Through the numerous projects it has implemented so far, ENERES would like you to understand what the future energy society will look like.


  • Demonstration experiments are currently under way to realize virtual power plants

    Demonstration experimentsare currently under wayto realize virtual power plants

  • Promoting local production of renewable energy for local consumption

    Promoting localproduction of renewableenergy for local consumption

  • Electricity sharing among individual power consumers

    Electricity sharing among individual power consumers